Petchaburi Tours – A Handy Guide for Tourists in Thailand


As a result of its exotic culture and amazing sceneries, Thailand has turned into a magnet destination for most vacationers that are following a distinctive and one of a kind holiday. You may choose to get a relaxing getaway in the beaches of Phuket, or dip in the metropolis life span of Bangkok. But when you believe you’ve seen it all, then wait before you get to Petchaburi. This place delivers a new and refreshing perspective of Thailand that you will truly enjoy. And to make the most of it, you should definitely sign up for Petchaburi tours.

For people that don’t understand, Petchaburi is มรภ.สวนสุนันทา located only around 150 kilometers south of Bangkok and it is known as a central region area. It’s also known as the City of the Three Palaces since it was a royal Peninsula town. After seeing that, you can find numerous temples, caves, and beaches in the area to research.

Because historical sightseeing packages are popular in Petchaburi, plenty of culture and history fans move there. Therefore, if you’re one , that is great for you. The great thing about these tours is they usually have land transport agreements. You can be acquired from your hotel at chaam or even Hua Hin and also be brought to Petchaburi at a private airconditioned car or truck.

Located near a river, it’s reputed to house a few of Buddha’s relics. In actuality, kudos to the Buddhist monks for being able to keep an important slice of history.

Why don’t you also swing from Khao Wang or even Palace Hill, the famed summer getaway of King Rama IV? To make it, you have to travel by cable car. In route you can see buildings that combine Western and Chinese architectural styles. It is also possible to get a fantastic glimpse of the whole city.

Tours tend to be not complete without stopping by at the Khao Luang Cave. Here, the main interest is really a enormous statue of Buddha, towering about 80 feet from the floor and housed in a cavern of lime stone. Many of the images, numbering to almost 170, was assembled by King Mongkut who often used the temples and temples for studying and meditation.

Among the many packages provided by Petchaburi tours is also a food tour of the city’s regular market. You may get to see Thailand’s genuine food components, sample yummy dishes, and also exotic fruits that you’ll be able to bring along while wandering the streets with the town.

More than that, there’s also a tour for bird fans since Thailand is just a haven for tropical species. Usually, they can be found in their salt-water homes or even along the beaches of the Petchaburi area. Thinking about visiting amazing Thailand? Make sure you grab one of the Petchaburi tours to complete your trip.

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